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How it works

  • The photos available on this server are not copyright free.
  • High Resolution photo(s) download is limited to members who have registered here and accept to pay a fee in regards with each type of use (internet, press, publishing, advertising).
  • The size of the HD photos available on this server is 20 x 30 cm, 300 dpi. Maximum size files can be requested to the related photographer(s).
  • Right for the image of the people and properties (including private boats) featured on the photos distributed through this server are limited to press only. Any other type of use (especially advertising) need a specific clearance from related people/owners that can be obtained through the author of the photo.
  1. Create an account here which include an authorization for downloading HR photos. The “Comment” section must be filled with the intent of use of the photo(s).
  2. Your request will be reviewed and you will receive an acceptance by email. More infos could be asked, and eventually a fee could be negociated depending the intent use of the photo(s).
  3. To download, please connect first to the account you have created. Then 2 solutions:
    1. To download one photo at a time,  click on the “HD” icon below each photo or enlarged photo
    2. To download several photos together, select them to send them in the lightbox, then in the lightbox, click on the download icon.
  4. Trhough the lightbox you can also:
    1. Transfer a selection to a third party via email
    2. Gather your selection on a pdf document that you can download
    3. Request a maximum size file to the related photographer(s)
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